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Seerat-un-Nabi – Urdu – (Class 4)

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Topics Covered :
– Dai Halima ke paas ki zindagi
– Shaq-e-Sadar ka waqiya
– Amena aur Abu Mutallib ka inteqaal
– Abu Talid ki Kifaalat

Date : 2nd March 2014

Speaker : Shaikh Khalid Jamil Al-Makki

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Life in a Hijab

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Dr.Ambreen Juvale is a medical graduate from Mumbai. In this interview she explains Hijab and shares her experience of how she feels wearing a Hijab and why she loves to wear it. She also shares a few words of advice for young girls of her age.

November 5, 2010 Off

Concept of God in Islam

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In this short audio lecture, Dr.Bilal Philips explains the pure monotheistic Concept of God in Islam.

The concept of God in Islam is unique. According to Islam, God is the CREATOR of the universe. Hence, He is completely different from His CREATION. God cannot be anything like a man, women, tree or an animal. In fact, even space & time are His creations, and He is not subject to them.

In short, God Almighty is incomparable to His creations.

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Polygamy in Islam (Audio)

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Dr.Bilal Philips, who co-authored the book “Polygamy in Islam” with Jameelah Jones, speaks about the same in this audio.

All religions allow and practice polygamy. However, polygamy in Islam is not for the desires of a man, but for the protection of rights of women. Islam is the only religion which asks man to marry only one wife if he cannot do justice. However, it also allows polygamy in order to protect the women from being misused by the society. And even that is restricted to a maximum of four.

Dr.Bilal Philips speaks about the importance of marriage in Islam and explains how it is an institution of security for the woman. He goes on to highlight the fact with statistics that the most of the people in the west are falling into illegitimate relationships. Islam on the other hand, doesn’t allow this at all. Rather it asks a man to give the all rights to a woman he wants to be with.

He further brings to light the social problems that exist today and how polygamy is the only solution to it.

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Does Islam oppress Women (Audio)

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We know that Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world today and one of the misconceptions that people have is about the Muslim woman. Is she oppressed or truly liberated? Find out all this and more with “The Deen Show’s” first Muslim Woman guest, you don’t wan’t to miss this show!

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Hijab: My Choice

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Non Muslims have many Misconceptions about the Muslim women who is free and liberated and at peace in life. And she does it with her own will. Wearing a Hijab is her own choice. While many have not found peace in life the Muslim woman has, and in this show we’ll find out why?

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Why did Nick accept Islam

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In spite of all the misconceptions, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. In this audio interview, a new convert Nick talks about what led him to Islam.