Introduction- Hadith: The Integral part of Islam

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Articles in this Series :

 –  Introduction to ‘Hadith: The Integral Part of Islam’
– Article 1: What are Hadeeth and Sunnah?
– Article 2: Is Quran the only form of Revelation to Mohammad (SAS)?
– Article 3:  Role of Prophet Muhammad (SAS)
– Article 4: Importance of Sunnah, Hadith & Scholars
Article 5: Referring to Messenger (SAS), on the issue of Hadiths
– Article 6: Reply to common arguments of Hadith Rejecters (Part1)
– Article 7: Reply to common arguments of Hadith Rejecters (Part2) 
– Conclusion & References 



Hadith: The Integral Part of Islam

Introduction to Series

“But no, by the Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make thee (Prophet Muhammad [sas]) judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against Thy decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction.”
[Translation of Qur’an 4:65]

Hadiths are inseparable part of Islam. In fact deliberately ignoring hadiths and Sunnah (traditions) of Muhammad (sas) is a sin which takes one out of the fold of Islam; as evident in the above quoted ayah of Qur’an. However recent developments have increasingly led people in doubts regarding the relevance of this wonderful source of knowledge, which is inseparable and the most essential element when it comes to practically submitting to the will of Allah. The fact that more than 12% visitors arrive at our site ( with query on this issue and also that about 25% visitors visit our article ‘Importance of Sunnah and Hadiths’ gave us enough hint on the graveness of this issue. Thus we came up with the idea of starting with a series of articles on ‘Hadith: The Integral Part of Islam’.

Topics to be covered:-

1. What are Hadiths and Sunnah?

2. Is Qur’an the only form of revelation to Prophet Muhammad (sas)?

3. Role of a Messenger (Was it only to deliver Qur’an?)

4. Importance of Sunnah, Hadiths and Scholars as mentioned in Qur’an.

5. Referring to Messenger (SAS) on the issue of Hadith

6. Reply some common arguments of Hadith rejectors


1) Reader understands and believes that Qur’an is uncorrupted and direct word of Allah revealed to Muhammad (sas).

2) Reader understands and believes that Muhammad (sas) was a prophet of Allah.

3) Reader is unbiased towards these issues.

So brothers and sisters please share this series with your loved ones as insha’Allah it may protect them from shirk and bidaah. In the words of scholar:

It was narrated from Maalik (may Allah have mercy on him) who said: When knowledge decreases harshness will prevail and when there is little knowledge of Hadeeth then whims and desires will prevail.
[Dar’ al-Ta’aarud (1/149)]

We hope that insha’Allah the discussions that follow will not only help clear confusion on the main subject of discussion, but will help in understanding of more essential topics which require detail study.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

ScanIslam Team.


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