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This section doesn’t really go into religions and scriptures. It deals with basic questions related to our life; questions that we all have asked ourselves at one point or another; but they still remain unanswered. Is there a purpose to our lives? Are we self-sufficient? Is partying and having fun the ultimate joy?
Questions like these are answered in this section with our everyday experiences and sensible reasoning.



The subtitle of our website is ‘Because even Faith must have Proof”! So the obvious question arises, what proofs does Islam have? This section covers the fundamental concepts and basics of Islam, the proofs of authenticity regarding its sources, and the beauties that result out of them.



We hear a lot about Islam in the media and from people around us. People voice their own perceptions about Islam, but on most occasions it is far from what the reality is. It is really important that whenever you hear about Islam, you go to people who know the religion and get the first hand information. And that is what we look to do in this section. Basically dealing with issues like Jihad, and women in Islam, Sharia Law, etc; this section forms the backbone of the website clearing out the air of misconceptions about Islam to the non-Muslims.



“Islam” is not a new religion. Literally, in Arabic, the word “Islam” means “submission to God alone”. Islam (i.e. the present-day Islam) recognizes many different religions that had been prescribed before this. All those had different laws depending on the era and region in which they had been prescribed by God. However, the fundamental aspect of all of those was the same, ONENESS OF GOD. It was over a period of time that these religions would get corrupted and would get replaced by newer ones with newer laws that suit the current needs and the reinforcement of the fundamental principle; the Oneness of God. The present-day Islam is the final one for a global generation. Hence it becomes really important for us to study some of the earlier religions that are still practiced, and understand them correctly, removing the dust of misinterpretations my men, and to highlight the fundamental principle of “submission to One True God alone”.



In spite of all the negative perceptions about Islam in the world, statistics show that Islam is the fastest growing way of life. People looking at Islam with a neutral heart and an unprejudiced mind have always been amazed by the beauty, simplicity and authenticity of Islam. In this section, we bring to you some of these amazing stories of people who fell in love with this religion.

Faith Must Have Proof? Really?