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Who doth greater wrong than one who invents falsehood against Allah, even as he is being invited to Islam? And Allah guides not those who do wrong.”

There are a lot of things that were told about this religion for various reasons and they’ll continue to become more and more popular because you do not stop them. When you accept things without investigating, you don’t just create a rift between YOU and the TRUTH, but you separate yourself from millions of people who know the truth. We are not asking anyone to believe in whatever we’re saying. God gave you a brain to judge. Use it! But don’t run away from the truth just because almost everyone you know is on the other side.


Jihad in Islam:
What is it all about??
-Jalal AbuAlrab

Innovations in Islam
-Muhammed Adly
Culture Confusion
Culture confused
with Islam

Does Islam oppress Women??



Islamic Facts:
Refuting the Allegations against Islam
-Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zakzouk

Polygamy in Islam
-Bilal Philips and Jameelah Jones

Rights & Duties of Women in Islam
-Abdul Ghaffar Hassan

I Appeal to your senses of Shame, My Muslim Sister… Will you not respond?
-Ms.Nawaal Bint Abdullah