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One God, Its existence & False gods: A common sense analysis

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In simple words, god is something that is worshiped because people expect something in return from it. With this definition, everyone in this world has gods. Some have direct gods like idols, man-gods or heroes. Others have abstract gods like society, money, race, etc.

In this video, A.R.Green asks us to use common sense to realize the existence of God, and then examines other false-gods whether they are really worth worshiping or are they themselves dependent.

A Must Watch For Everyone !! ScanIslam’s Highly Recommended !!

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I served the Buddhist Temple

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Hussain Yee is a Malaysian national of Chinese descent. Being born into a Buddhist family, he embraced Islam at the age of 18 in 1968. He pursued a BA at the Islamic University of Madinah majoring in Hadith. Hussain Yee is now the President of Al Khadeem Organization in Malaysia.

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Can God become Man? Can God have a Son?

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God and His creation man, both have distinct qualities. The creation is always ‘dependent’ and under the authority of the Creator who is ‘independent’. So how can something logically be God and Man at the same time?

And what does it mean for God to have a son? How can you even perceive God to have had an intimate relationship? Almost all religions believe in this concept of man-god. It is against common-sense to know that a person walked on the earth and had daily needs, and still call that as God.