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I appeal to your senses of Shame

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In this book, Ms.Nawal Bint Abdullah calls for her sisters in Islam to realize that when it comes to women’s clothing, the threshold of decency and modesty has been smartly and systematically reduced by men in today’s world. She asks her sisters to understand that the liberation that western culture talks about is a disguised form of exploitation of her body and degradation of her soul. The society that speaks about upgrading women’s status today has actually reduced her status to that ofconcubines and society butterflies in the hands of pleasure seekers disguised behind the colorful screen of culture.

November 3, 2010 Off

Innovations in Islam

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In this episode of The Deen Show, Muhammad Adly covers a lot of innovations that some ignorant muslims have started with, which has nothing to do with Islam.

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Taken as Islam. But it is culture.

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Islam means to submit your will to God. To follow His commands. But many/most Muslims nowadays have fallen into perceiving Islam as a culture. The result has been that they’ve deviated largely from the real Islam, only to have submitted to the culture of their forefathers. In this video, A.R.Green clears the air about religion being confused with culture.