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Understanding the heart of Islam

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This book is the work of a revert Muslim, searching for the inner truth within his then new faith of Islam.

The author says in the introduction, “The book does not look at individual sects but rathergives a view of the path that was indeed intended for all ofmankind to follow”. He further says, “Faith is notblind, unless the believer chooses to follow the hypocrites.”

This book surely gives a good insight in few of the topics which forms the heart of Islam. A few topics covered in this book are:-
– Tawhid (Islamic Monotheism)
– Fear of Shirk
– Seeking help of other than Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala)
– Unbelief is Exaggeration
– Protection of Tawhid 
– Sharia Law
– False Prophets
– Kafr – Kufr
– Image Makers
– Glorious Quran and much more.