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Who is Jesus Christ & what was his mission?

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Many have erred with regards to this question giving in-comprehensive or inaccurate answers. The Qur’an in less than a Verse eloquently and comprehensively answers such that it can also be verified from the Bible.

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Importance of Sunnah, Hadith & Scholars

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We see numerous ayaat in Qur’an where Allah clearly mentions the importance of Authentic Sunnah & Hadiths and the scholars who rely on them. This has to be the basis of our deen, and aqidah. Any self-interpretation of deen that goes against the Quran, Sunnah and the consensus of Scholars has no value.

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A fun way for kids and youngsters and anyone wanting to learn about Islam – while playing Quizzes. Attempt Easy, Medium or Difficult Levels. Get to know the principles, history and knowledge of Islam while playing. Enjoy!

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Obligation on every Muslim to ask for Evidence

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It is important to clear our doubts regarding Islam from people of knowledge. Indeed it is the way of companions of Muhammad (sas) to clear doubts regarding Islam. But we are supposed to ask for evidences from Quran and authentic Hadiths (Saheeh Hadiths) because blind following may lead to Shirk; the unpardonable sin. Read more for details.

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I appeal to your senses of Shame

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In this book, Ms.Nawal Bint Abdullah calls for her sisters in Islam to realize that when it comes to women’s clothing, the threshold of decency and modesty has been smartly and systematically reduced by men in today’s world. She asks her sisters to understand that the liberation that western culture talks about is a disguised form of exploitation of her body and degradation of her soul. The society that speaks about upgrading women’s status today has actually reduced her status to that ofconcubines and society butterflies in the hands of pleasure seekers disguised behind the colorful screen of culture.

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Christ in Islam book

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‘Christ in Islam’ by Ahmed Deedat not only covers the respect and status of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) in Islam but also goes on to show that how Islamic version of life of Jesus is much more rational and based upon proofs and evidences.

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I want to repent but

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This book gives an introduction which discusses the dangers of taking sin lightly, followed by explaination of the conditions of repentance, the psychological cures, and fataawa (rulings) based on evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah which are addressed to those who repent. This is followed by quotations from some of the scholars, comments, and the author’s own concluding remarks.

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Rights and Duties of women in Islam

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The subject of the rights and duties of women in Islam has often been clouded by controversy, personal opinions and sheer ignorance. Although many scholars have dealt with this subject, there has remained a need to discuss wider aspects of the issue than are often tackled. Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Hasan, a scholar of Hadith and member of the Islamic Ideological Council in Pakistan, originally presented this topic to the Council as a short Urdu paper for discussion. Considering it to be a concise yet useful contribution to the field, I rendered it into English.

I hope that this booklet will help to remove some of the misunderstandings, prejudiced opinions and falsehoods, which circulate about the rights, and duties of women in Islam.

– Dr Shuhaib Hasan.

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Polygamy in Islam

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This book is the outcome of thorough studies of sister Jameelah Jones and Sheikh Bilal Philips, both of whom reverted to Islam in 1971 an 1972 respectively. Their western background facilitated a deep understanding of the subject. They have dealt with it strictly in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah and have described important characteristics of marriage in Islam. They have provided a straight forward reply of why Islam allows four wives. The book has been well received by the readership and is key in dispelling the malignant propoganda against Islam.

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Dont be sad

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This is an important book for all; it is full of practical advice on how to repel despair and replace it with a pragmatic and ultimately Islamic outlook on life. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with trials and tribulations of this world.