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Stories of the prophets

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This book is the collection of all we could know about few of the best human beings ever i.e the Prophets. It is a collection of description of 29 Prophets right from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon all of them). The collection being done by one of the greatest scholars (Ibn Kathir), makes this book a must read.

December 4, 2010 Off

Importance of Sunnah & Hadiths

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There are two main fundamental sources of knowledge in Islam – The Qur’an and the Hadeeth. Often people associate Islam with teachings and commandments of only Qur’an; this is true for both Muslims and non-Muslims. However this attitude of ignoring the Hadeeth or Sunnah has lead to many misunderstandings about the already misunderstood way of life, Islam. Best example being that of the perception of Islam promoting hatred. Such doubts and baseless allegations arise mostly due to partial study of Islamic literature.

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Predisposition to worship One God

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If a child was to be left alone on a remote island, which religion will he follow? Will he ever come to know about Ram, Jesus, Buddha? Or will he submit to just one true God which his instincts take him to. Read this article to know more on human being’s predisposition to worship One True God.