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The concept of God in Islam

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There are many religions and spiritual institutions that say they believe in One God. Even many polytheistic religions do not entirely claim to believe in multiple gods. Amidst these claims of Monotheism by one and all, people usually misinterpret Islam as ‘just another’ religion that believes in ‘One God’.

However, a real look into Islamic concept of God makes one realize the degree to which a Islam believes in this Oneness of God, and how it is so very different and distinctly pure from all others that claim to believe in one God.

November 3, 2010 Off

Are you sick of religion? (Religious Corruption)

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In this episode of “The Deen Show” Dr. Brown discusses the phenomenon of people conning/cheating in the name of God. And it is because of this that many people dont find satisfaction in religion and perceive it as a man-made orfer.

However, you can still find the truth in religion. All you need to do is to LET GO the man-made religion that you might have inherited.