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Obligation on every Muslim to ask for Evidence

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It is important to clear our doubts regarding Islam from people of knowledge. Indeed it is the way of companions of Muhammad (sas) to clear doubts regarding Islam. But we are supposed to ask for evidences from Quran and authentic Hadiths (Saheeh Hadiths) because blind following may lead to Shirk; the unpardonable sin. Read more for details.

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Christ in Islam book

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‘Christ in Islam’ by Ahmed Deedat not only covers the respect and status of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) in Islam but also goes on to show that how Islamic version of life of Jesus is much more rational and based upon proofs and evidences.

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God that never was

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This book (17 pages) logically and rationally analysis the concept of god as presented by Christianity.

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Proof of the Preservation of Quran

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There are hundreds of religions flourishing around the world and each of these religions claim that their scripture is authentic and preserved from the day it was revealed (written) until our time. A religious belief is as authentic as the authenticity of the scripture it follows. And for any scripture to be labeled as “authentically preserved” it should follow some concrete and rational criteria. As we say, “Faith Must Have Proof”. This article shows how Islam fulfills this criteria and provides proof of preservation and authenticity of Quran.

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Secrets Of The Quran

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An excellent documentary by History channel revealing the secrets of the Quran. It goes into various amazing aspects of the Quran.

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Use common sense to know God

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We use our reasoning in our everyday activities. But when it comes to knowing God, we don’t even use our common-sense. Let’s put everything we have ever learned and use are logic and reasoning that God Almighty has gave us to be able to find the truth out about who God the Creator really is. Open your mind humble your heart and enjoy to learn more visit www.TheDeenShow.com

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Understanding Islam

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Why did God give us and intellect? What does Islam really mean? What was the real religion of the prophets before us? All that and more is answered very clearly in this video!

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What you’re denying are false gods anyway

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Most of the times, people turn to atheism because the concept of God which is presented to them by their parents or society doesn’t make sense at all. Rejecting such a wrong concept is¬†appreciated, but we must understand that what we’re denying were false gods anyway. The search for True God should not end there.

In this video, A.R.Green asks us to use common-sense to understand the existence of God and clears the difference between false gods and True God.

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Who is our Lord?

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People have a lot of misconceptions and false notions when it comes to understanding what “God” really means. It is because of this that we find so many false gods around us. In this video, Dr. Bilal Philips raises a few questions which we can use to judge to what degree do we know who our Lord is.

  • Do you agree with those who say who say that belief is a matter of blind faith?
  • If everything has a Creator then who created God?
  • If God can do anything, why can’t He have a son?
  • If God is all-powerful, can He create a stone which is too heavy for Him to lift?
  • If God is all-good and He is able to do all things then where did evil come from?

Dr. Bilal Philips will address these questions and clear the many false ideas and misconceptions many people have when it comes to “Lord”.

September 25, 2010 Off

An Introduction to Islamic Monotheism

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There are two Arabic words that are important to know for a discussion of Islamic monotheism. These are tawhid and shirk. Tawhid means “declaring God is one”, while shirk means “associating partners with God”. Thus tawhid is monotheism while shirk is to negate this by associating godly powers to others apart from God.

The Islamic scholars have defined three aspects to tawhid, each of which has several types of shirkthat negate it. Each of these will be discussed in turn.