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Rights and Duties of women in Islam

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The subject of the rights and duties of women in Islam has often been clouded by controversy, personal opinions and sheer ignorance. Although many scholars have dealt with this subject, there has remained a need to discuss wider aspects of the issue than are often tackled. Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Hasan, a scholar of Hadith and member of the Islamic Ideological Council in Pakistan, originally presented this topic to the Council as a short Urdu paper for discussion. Considering it to be a concise yet useful contribution to the field, I rendered it into English.

I hope that this booklet will help to remove some of the misunderstandings, prejudiced opinions and falsehoods, which circulate about the rights, and duties of women in Islam.

– Dr Shuhaib Hasan.

July 5, 2010 Off

Women’s Rights in Islam

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Status of women in Islam constitutes no problem at all. The attitude of the Quran and early Muslims bear witness to the fact that women are as vital to life as a man is. Had it not been for the impact of other cultures and alien influences, this question would have never come up.