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Quran: A Miracle

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Quran is the primary source of Islam. It claims to be the verbatim word of God. But any book from God must reflect the signature of the creator who has accurate knowledge of science, history and creation. God cannot convey a message that is unscientific and inconsistent.

ScanIslam brings to you a few of many such miraculous verses from the Quran speaking about scientific facts established only lately.


Had this not been from God, these facts would have been impossible to describe 1400 years ago without the use of accurate equipments and modern technology.

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God knew Modern Science before you did

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Most people who reject God claim to be rational. They believe in Science. This is because people who’ve grown up in orbits of other religions see religion and science as a conflict. This is however not true for Islam. Day after day, discovery after discovery, Islam is being proved right in matters of scientific facts.