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Family life in Islam

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Islam gives each family member an important role to play. So fathers and mothers take care of the children and give them an Islamic upbringing; children are to listen and obey, and respect the rights of fathers and mothers, on a basis of love and respect.

In this article, we find out about the role of Islam in organizing and protecting the family by comparing with the situation of the family before Islam, and what it is in the west in modern times.

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Understanding the heart of Islam

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This book is the work of a revert Muslim, searching for the inner truth within his then new faith of Islam.

The author says in the introduction, “The book does not look at individual sects but rathergives a view of the path that was indeed intended for all ofmankind to follow”. He further says, “Faith is notblind, unless the believer chooses to follow the hypocrites.”

This book surely gives a good insight in few of the topics which forms the heart of Islam. A few topics covered in this book are:-
– Tawhid (Islamic Monotheism)
– Fear of Shirk
– Seeking help of other than Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala)
– Unbelief is Exaggeration
– Protection of Tawhid 
– Sharia Law
– False Prophets
– Kafr – Kufr
– Image Makers
– Glorious Quran and much more.

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Islamic Economics & Commerce

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Ever wondered why your money buys less day by day? Is someone stealing your money? Or is it you yourself who is losing it? Where is your hard earned money going?

Ever wondered why our inflation rate never goes below two digits? Why food prices go high day by day? Why the auto rickshaw and taxi fares never go down? And why Governments fail to keep promises regarding price levels?

Ever wondered why poor are getting poorer while the rich get richer? Why Garlic which was Rs 40/kg last year, now costs Rs 240/kg?

They have blamed it on all, from bad climate to bad government, from improper distribution system to improper markets; Yes, these are the problems. But are these the root problems or is there something more fishy going behind the scene?

This book goes into deep analysis of the widely accepted but “unquestioned” claims. It questions the very fundamentals taught by our economic institutions and shows how they lead to MONETARY INJUSTICE. And its all based on statistics, facts and evidences. Its a no-nonsense-book.

And the book doesn’t leave the mystery unsolved. It provides the solution under the title which I feel would invite most grudges against this book – “Islamics Economics And Commerce”.

I invite everyone to read the book with an open hart and an unprejudiced mind.

All intellectual discussions related to this book are most welcome at [email protected]

– Rahil Ahmed Khan, Author.

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Importance of Sunnah & Hadiths

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There are two main fundamental sources of knowledge in Islam – The Qur’an and the Hadeeth. Often people associate Islam with teachings and commandments of only Qur’an; this is true for both Muslims and non-Muslims. However this attitude of ignoring the Hadeeth or Sunnah has lead to many misunderstandings about the already misunderstood way of life, Islam. Best example being that of the perception of Islam promoting hatred. Such doubts and baseless allegations arise mostly due to partial study of Islamic literature.

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Study of Hadiths

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The Arabic word hadeeth basically means ‘an item of news, conversation, a tale, a story or a report,’ whether historical or legendary, true or false, relating to the present or the past. However with respect to Islam, it is synonymous to whatever statements, acts, approvals, physical or character descriptions that are attributable to the Prophet (PBUH) along with his biography before or after the beginning of his prophethood.

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Defining Basic Hadith Terminology

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In this lecture, we deal with a the basic terminologies that are used for classification of Hadiths into authentic, strong, weak, fabricated, forged, etc.

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Struggles Of Predecessors In Preserving Sunnah

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In this video lecture, we deal with the struggles that the Companions and early scholars went through in order to preserve the Sunnah. It also covers different definitions for the term “Sunnah”.