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Existence of God

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In this video, Yusuf Estes takes us on a journey of realizing the existence of God with common-sense. He starts by explaining how some theories like that of inter-species evolution (which have now been expelled by science) are still propagated to deny the intelligent design by the Creator. He further goes on to show how atheism leads to an unguided life which leads nowhere. It only gives a sense of incompleteness and unsatisfactory life. The other extreme is when people have no measure to decide the right & wrong, and knowingly/unknowingly harm the society in long term. In any case it is dangerous to the individual and the society as a whole.

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Jihad in Islam

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We Hear about Jihad all over the media from so called “experts” who don’t even know how to pronounce the word properly. In this show you’ll get to hear the truth finally about Jihad with special guest Shaykh Jalal Abualrub who will answer some very important questions on this subject. So open your mind, humble your heart and enjoy the show.