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Stories of the prophets

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This book is the collection of all we could know about few of the best human beings ever i.e the Prophets. It is a collection of description of 29 Prophets right from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon all of them). The collection being done by one of the greatest scholars (Ibn Kathir), makes this book a must read.

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The Right manual for Life

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Islam is the continuation of all the message of all previous messengers like Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, etc (peace be upon them all). They all came to mankind with the same message. The message of peace. Peace in society, but more importantly peace within one’s own self.

In this video, Abdul Bary Yahya points to the emptiness that one always feels in life, if he doesn’t know the purpose of his own creation. He explains logically how Islam fills this emptiness by guiding mankind.

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Purpose of Life: The Big Questions

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Dr. Brown is the author of The Eighth Scroll, described by North Carolina State SenatorLarry Shaw as, “Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code. The Eighth Scroll is a breath-holding, white-knuckled, can’t-put-down thriller that challenges Western views of humanity, history and religion. Bar none, the best book in its class!” Dr. Brown is also the author of three scholastic books of comparative religion, MisGod’ed, God’ed, andBearing True Witness. His books and articles can be found on his websites www.EighthScroll.com and www.LevelTruth.com, and are available for purchase through amazon.com